RDM Studio Newsletter August 2020

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RDM Studio Newsletter
August 2020

Dance is dreaming with your feet!

Happy August Dancers!

Online lessons are here!. With our online lessons, all students have fun during these highly energized and personalized sessions.
Our students join in from all over the country. And with our clear-cut instructions and detailed lesson feedback, everyone participates and feels completely engaged.
I always look forward to these weekend sessions as I love the positive vibe and energy that each student brings.

New Sunday Odissi Group Classes 9.00 PST

Make sure to check out our new Digital Library teaser video!

“Myths which are abundantly used in Indian dances are thematically timeless but how you transform these into universal metaphors and symbols is the challenge.”
“For an artist, the more you give yourself and your art to others, the more you discover your ‘reason of being’. This is the ultimate enriching learning experience of one’s artistic journey.”

– Ramli Ibrahim

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Don’t forget that RDM Studio offers studio dance lessons and dance lessons online!