It was a truly magical night, when a few days before Christmas a young couple in Kolkata was blessed with a new baby. They called her Nilanjana as they gazed fondly at the hazel eyed miracle. It was sheer chance that the parents happened to see an Odissi recital a few years later. They were in raptures that evening and knew instantly what they wanted for their precious daughter. When the family moved to Delhi, Nilanjana took her first steps toward a lifelong journey under the tutelage of the renowned Odissi revivalist, Guru Mayadhar Raut. Like a young sapling thirsty for water, Nilanjana soaked up all the skills and knowledge her Guru could offer. She showed unusual dedication for one so young. This would be her signature trait as marriage and motherhood propelled her towards a bigger world, away from her parents and all she had known.


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