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Odissi Dancers

Nilanjana Banerjee established RDM Studio in October 2015. The studio showcased their dancers for the first time at the prestigious Ahaana Festival at Mingei Museum, Balboa Park in September 2016. At RDM Studio you need discipline, dedication and talent to dance. Age is no barrier to learning. Individualized attention to all students makes dance a personal, self-fulfilling experience. Each student undertakes this journey at their own pace. Year round performances give great stage exposure to all dancers.

Odissi Dance Lessons

On-Site Private, Semi-Private and Group Studios!

RDM Studio offers a full range of programs, including online lessons, designed specifically to each individual student’s level of experience. Regardless of age, if you have been seeking serious dance training or are just looking for a creative outlet, RDM Studio is the place for you. For additional information or pricing, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page.

The voice of the dancer is heard through the eyes and seen through the heart.

– Anonymous

Traditional Odissi Dance Pose

Online Lessons & Digital Library

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Enjoy the experience of studio dance lessons in the privacy of your own home! RDM Studio now offers live streaming lessons via Zoom & Skype. Now you can benefit from direct interaction with world-renowned dance instructor Nilanjana Banerjee.

  • All students have direct access to our digital learning resources containing videos that cover dance techniques, steps, movements, choreography and more.
  • Easy to understand and follow, our library has 100+ videos and continues to grow.
  • Clear and concise instructions given by world-renowned dancer Nilanjana Banerjee.

In addition to our conventional lessons listed above, RDM Studio offers programs in Wellness Retreats, Corporate Diversity and Team Building. For details and more information, drop us a line using the form at the bottom of this page.

Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.

RDM Studio is affiliated to Nilanjana’s Alma Mater New Jersey based school Rhythms of Dance & Music.

All performances, music, dance, choreographies and teaching methods are the creative and intellectual property of RDM Studio and Artistic Director Nilanjana Banerjee.